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"STREET ART" AR Sculpture

I created an instagram experience in a street of "Palermo" which is known for exhibiting prolific "urban art".

The objective here is to make people scan a QR code and knowing they have to look around as the sculpture is placed in a wide space inside the street.

I created an UI based on some considerations explained below.

Palermo SoHo is a great place where people hangout and take pictures with the street art background, so I wanted to take advantage of this behaviour


I first created this crazy 3D model on Maya based on "kinetic art" spheres. The idea was making an horizontally spread sculpture for people to look around and take pics.


I designed a 3D UI with "arrows" located into a 3D semi-sphere. The idea was to give the user a sense of "look around" call. I placed this 3D model into a mobile vertical aspect ratio and rotated the camera a little bit to induce a "three dimensional search behaviour"


The design concept was based in both "street art" and technology. I wanted to make the sense of an innovative but still urban installation.


The circle shape was the general concept of it as the main feature was the circular "moire effect" on the 3D spheres.

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-30 at 1.44.17 AM(


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