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Make your child learn through a UNIQUE MAGICAL EXPERIENCE

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Op Children Books is a collection of interactive real-time animation books that help children learn colors, shapes and vowels by perceiving motion directly from paper

"Op Shapes" cover

you can see the magic happen just by sliding a special film provided

Children choose Op Children Books over digital devices

Op Children Books attract children SO MUCH that they choose them over digital devices.

Op Colors, Op Shapes and Op Vowels

   These books give children the opportunity to learn shapes, color, vowels AND another language. They are easy to use and inspire children and adults to have fun with science, or how we like to call it: magic.

  Op Children Books were created by international artist-engineer Rafael Parra Toro, author of "POP ON OP" Book and "Kinetic Watch" by Dedegumo. His artwork has been covered by both digital and physical international media from dozens of different countries.