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Rafael Parratoro, known as PARRATORO, is a Venezuelan-born artist (Caracas, 1977) who later became an Argentine national. His artistic creations stand out in the fields of kinetic and optical art, and he is a pioneer in integrating augmented reality and 3D technology into his work.


PARRATORO's artistic journey blends digital and physical mediums, creating interactive and dynamic pieces that often require viewer participation to fully manifest.

Educated in hydraulic engineering at the Central University of Venezuela, PARRATORO combines his technical expertise with his artistic pursuits.

His artworks have been featured in various international exhibitions, including in countries like Argentina, Chile, Mexico, the United States, Germany, China, and Italy. PARRATORO employs the moiré effect in his work, using mathematical precision to create intricate patterns and optical illusions. This technique has become a hallmark of his unique style, exemplifying his blend of engineering and programming skills with artistic expression.

Significant projects and exhibitions in PARRATORO's career include:

  •         Mapping Intervention on the Obelisk of Buenos Aires: In 2017, he created a mapping intervention on the iconic Obelisk of Buenos Aires, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Garrahan Hospital. This project showcased his ability to blend art with public landmarks, making a significant cultural impact.

  •         Involvement in Lollapalooza: PARRATORO's participation in Lollapalooza, a major international music festival, demonstrated his skill in augmenting large-scale public events with contemporary art. His interventions in this festival were a testament to how art can enhance and transform public spaces and experiences.

  •         US Embassy LGBT Week at Palacio Bosch: His contribution to the US Embassy's LGBT Week at Palacio Bosch in Buenos Aires reflects his engagement with socially relevant themes and his ability to connect art with diverse audiences.

  •         Exhibition at FOLA, Buenos Aires: His work "Sonata de Cruces Posibles," which employed augmented reality technology, was featured at the Fototeca Latinoamericana (FoLa) in Buenos Aires. This exhibition underscored his innovative use of technology in art.

  •         Exhibitions in Luxembourg: PARRATORO extended his artistic influence to Luxembourg, participating in "La Nuit de la Culture" in Esch-Sur-Alzette that further cemented his status as an internationally recognized artist.

  •         Kinetic Watch for Dedegumo: He developed the "Kinetic Watch" for Dedegumo in Kyoto, Japan, blending his artistic vision with functional design.

  •         Other Notable Exhibitions: His solo exhibitions, such as "Moiréph" at the Borges Cultural Center and "1 es a 1" in Santiago de Chile, along with group shows in various prestigious galleries and art festivals, highlight the breadth and impact of his work.

PARRATORO continues to be a significant figure in the contemporary art scene, known for his innovative approach and the way he challenges traditional perceptions through his art.

Solo Shows
Group Shows
  • "Premios Gardel 2023" Complete art concept, Movistar Arena, 2023

  • “El Tercer Pasajero”, ESEADE, 2022

  • DAM, Centro Cultural Plaza Castelli. 2022

  • Tres Punto Cero, Cott Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2022

  • LOLLAPALOOZA Argentina 2022. Intervención

  • Fachada Tiendas LANDMARK, Buenos Aires, 2022

  • Renault NFTs, Usina del Arte, Buenos Aires, 2022

  • “Somos Love” Videoclip de Vicky Maurette, Buenos Aires, 2020

  • Live Performance, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de la Boca, 2019

  • Imaginable, Posible, Öss Café Buenos Aires, 2019

  • 1 es a 1, Ciudad de Los Andes, Chile, 2019

  • RAFAEL PARRATORO, HOTEL MARRIOT W, Ciudad de México, 2019

  • ARTE EN MOVIMIENTO. Galería Adriana Budich, Buenos Aires, 2018

  • 1ESA1 Biblioteca VIVA. Santiago de Chile. Curaduría Macarena Cacciuttolo.

  • Mapping del Obelisco, Ciudad de Buenos Aires (30 Años del Hospital Garrahan)

  • 1ESA1 (Solo Exhibition) Espacio O. Santiago de Chile. Curaduría Macarena Cacciuttolo 2017.

  • ARCOBALENO (Apertura Atelier) Atelier ParraToro. Curadurí­a (Tiburón Negro) 2016.

  • LA EVOLUCIÓN DE LA FORMA (Solo Exhibition). Centro Cultural Borges - Fundación Tres Pinos. Curaduría: Massimo Scaringella. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2016.

  • MOIRÉPH (Solo Exhibition). Centro Cultural Borges - Fundación Tres Pinos. Curaduría Massimo Scaringella. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2015.

  • US Embassy: LGBT Week, Palacio Bosch, Buenos Aires, 2023.

  • Museo Della Luce, Permanent Collection, Rome, Italy. 2023

  • Favaloro x 100 pre, MALBA Museum, 2023

  • X-Universe AR, La Nuit de la Culture, Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

  • BIG-X, Belval Plaza, Luxembourg

  • La Nuit de la Culture "X-Universe", Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

  • Feria MAPA 2023 (Cott Gallery), Buenos Aires 

  • LABITCONF, Buenos Aires, 2022

  • Festival Ciudad Emergente, Buenos Aires, 2022

  • Bitcoin Fair, Carnaval Art, Miami USA, 2022

  • World Padel Tour, Buenos Aires, 2021

  • “Sonata de Cruces Posibles”, FOLA, Buenos Aires, 2021

  • NFT Art Week,Beijing, China, 2021

  • Diderot American Express Performance, Buenos Aires, 2020

  • Diderot Digital Exhibition, Metaverso, 2020

  • Digital Pandemic Collabs con R.R.A.A.- y Tano Verón, 2020

  • III Acto Cultural Festival Migrante, Buenos Aires, 2019

  • OPENING, Wosco Art Gallery, 2019

  • Feria MAPA Espacio O, Buenos Aires, 2019

  • LA RUTA DEL COLOR Aura Galerías, Ciudad de México 2018

  • PLANCK FESTIVAL Digital Art Festival. Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016

  • NEI LUOGHI DELLA BELLEZZA Cittá di Noto, Santa Caterina. Italy, 2016

  • NI UNA MENOS . Articiclo. Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016

  • IL PRIMATO DELLO SGUARDO Comune di Messina. Italy, 2016

  • UPFRONT. Miami, FL. 2016

  • PREMIUM (Art Basel Miami Season 2015). Miami, FL. 2015-2016

  • MEMORY Schwerdter Strasse, Berlín, Germany. 2015

  • THE SOFTLINE. Miami, FL. 2015

  • (RE)VISION) 1199 First Avenue, New York, USA. 2014

  • THINGS OF BEAUTY. Miami, FL. 2014

  • MIAMI-MIAMI. Miami, FL. 2014


  • CONCEPTS (Art Basel Season 2014). Miami, FL. 2014

  • FONZO. Miami, FL. 2014

  • PICTOPLASMA (PORTRAITS & SELFIES), Museo MARCO de Monterrey, Mexico. 2014

  • PICTOPLASMA ACADEMY GROUP SHOW Urban Spree, Berlín, Germany. 2014

Artist Statement

   “I do a lot of research, and then I just let it all go through my pieces… that’s how I make sure they keep surprising the public and myself. I just let them live by themselves, they develop their own perpetual energy and I surrender them to eternity.

My art is dynamic, it is movement, it is illusion and interaction, it wouldn’t exist without the presence of the observer.  It is organic only when someone is looking at it, by itself it is cold and geometrical, because it is honest to it’s digital origin, but it becomes alive and vibratory only at the presence of human eyes and light, they are the true creators of my pieces. My work is based on moiré and chromatic induction.

   Moiré has been developed and used by the greatest masters of kinetic and optical art, my starting point were those studies and I continued my research until I managed to control those vibrations with help from calculus and programing. That is how I produce shapes that aren’t really there, they appear to be there only because of the superposition of real vertical lines, and multiple inexistent elements are created from there, exploring without boundaries the creation of illusions with shapes and colors, that is what makes my pieces unique and interactive.

   I began creating neo-kinetic art when my father passed away.  I just wanted to know, where had he gone?. My art is the answer to that question, they are creatures that only live inside other people, they have everlasting energy and they don’t need batteries or electricity to vibrate, you only need to walk in front and around this pieces made of plexiglass, vinyl and digital printing to realize that they are there, eternally alive.”

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