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BOOK: Pop On Op
(Funded via Kickstarter)

   Pop On Op is a real-time interactive animation object-book that you can enjoy with a simple horizontal-sliding movement of a special film provided inside.


   You will see animations straight in all the pages; the book contains 110 pages divided as follows: 55 animated -mostly geometrical, character-based- designs, and 55 other designs with a short funny poem corresponding to each animation.

   There is an easy-to-use access rail in the back cover of the book to allow a simple horizontal sliding. This is real-time movement, and the experience only involves the book, the film and yourself.

GAME: Frenetic Kinetic
(for iOS and Android)

   "Frenetic Kinetic" is a fun quick game for you to experience the adrenaline of crazy jumping while enjoying astonishing optical effects by artist PARRATORO.

   Tap to jump to the next geometric planet. Collect coins and unlock new fun characters.


   How long can you survive without falling into the frenetic space?

CATALOG: "La Evolución de la Forma"
(Solo Show)

Catalog of ParraToro’s solo show at Centro Cultural Borges, in Buenos Aires. Curated by Massimo Scaringella and produced by Fundación Tres Pinos.

BOOK: "Outside The lines Too"
(Souris Hong-Porretta by Penguin Group, USA)

   Outside the Lines Too is a hip and imaginative coloring book featuring original line drawings from more than 100 creative masterminds, including animators, cartoonists, fine artists, graphic artists, illustrators, musicians, outsider artists, photographers, and street artists. Perforated pages throughout make it easier to share and display your work. With most pages commissioned especially for this book, this collection features the work of Dalek, Timothy Tompkins, Ryan Humphrey, Richard Colman, Maria E. Piñeres, David Ellis, Jim Houser, Parra Toro, Justina Blakeney, Kevin Lyons, Rainer Judd, Tim Biskup, and more.

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